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 17 October 2017

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Online seminars

Welcome to the's new and exciting Continuing Medical Educational (CME) initiative. Regularly, in association with, we plan to bring you an online lecture from one of the following topics: gastroenterology, hepatology or endoscopy.

Note, if you have the requisite system requirements the lecture should begin automatically within about 30 seconds of clicking the 'launch' button below. If it does not then please either refer to the FAQ section or contact us.

Title Speaker Length

Launch lecture

Anti-TNF therapies for the treatment of Crohn's disease

Stephen Hanauer

19 min.

Launch lecture

Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of inflammatory bowel diseases

Guido Tytgat

34 min.

Launch lecture

Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, Colitis and Cancer

Roger Chapman

26 min.

Launch lecture

A Gluten-Free Diet - how strict and for how long?

Paul Ciclitira

25 min.

Launch lecture

The Management of Diarrhoea

Robin Spiller

20 min.

Launch lecture

The Pathology of Hepatitis

Peter Scheuer

17 min.


High resolution images from the seminar:
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Pregnancy in the liver transplant recipient

Prognostic modeling in pediatric acute liver failure

The case for immune-based approaches in biliary tract carcinoma

Platelets: No longer bystanders in liver disease

Late graft hepatitis and fibrosis in pediatric liver allograft recipients: Current concepts and future developments

Management of renal failure in end-stage liver disease: A critical appraisal

Autoimmune hepatitis - SLE overlap syndrome by Nassar F, Vaisbein E, and Assy N
Nassar F, Vaisbein E, and Assy N

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